Cycle oriented CartoCSS style.

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This is a CartoCSS style designed with cycling in mind.

Build Status

Note: This is currently a Work In Progress.


CyclOSM is a new cycle-oriented render. Contrary to OpenCycleMap, this render is free and aims at being more complete to take into account a wider diversity of cycle habits.

In urban areas, it renders the main different types of cycle tracks and lanes, on each side of the road, for helping you draw your bike to work route. It also features essential POIs as well as bicycle parking spots or spots shared with motorbikes, specific infrastructure (elevators / ramps), road speeds or surfaces to avoid streets with pavings, bumpers and bike boxes, etc.

The same render also lets you visualize main bicycle touring routes as well as essential POIs when touring (emergency services, shelters, tourism, shops).



A full list of rendered features is available in the legend.

A list of the tags considered by this render is available in Taginfo JSON format in taginfo.json.


A demonstration of this style for some French areas (Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Lille, up to zoom level 18) is available at

Getting started

Getting started instructions are available in file.


Some getting started information for contributing is available in file.


This style is based on the Mapbox OSM-Bright style, which is licensed under BSD-3-Clause license.

The contours and elevation lines render is based on the very good work and code available from OpenTopoMap.

The colors used in the palette.mss file are based on the Hydda style, licensed under Apache License 2.0.

The icons in symbols/osm-bright-gl-style are taken from the OSM Bright GL style and are licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0.

The icons in symbols/openstreetmap-carto are taken from the OpenStreetMap-carto style and are licensed under CC0 public domain.

The icons in symbols/osmandapp are taken from the OsmAnd app resources.